Talk to a stranger over tea, make a friend

Coco Liu @cocoliu

156 2nd St - San Francisco, CA
156 2nd St

Thu, Jun 20, 2019 at 1:00 AM - 3:00 AM

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Since our regular Friday evening tea hours is getting popular, the Wednesday ones will usually be more intimate! -- It is an informal event where people would meet for a tea and chat as would do with friends! Except, once you arrive, we will pair you up with two to three others for a cup of tea, along with a conversation topics we have provided. We'll switch up the groups after ~30min! Here, we bring people together to learn from each other’s unique experiences. It's a place where you will meet open-minded individuals from different walks of life, a place intentionally designed to go beyond the superficial small talk of networking, a place for friends. Studies have shown that people are engaged in conversations for the first seven minutes; then, the conversation slows down, only to pick up again a few minutes later. We often give up at the seven minute mark--or earlier--distracted by technology or the awkwardness, hoping to escape the situation. At Socialhaus, we bring together individuals who strive to go past the seven minute mark; it is a place for those that seek to connect and actually get to know those around us. Agenda — Sign in Grab some tea Be put into smaller groups to chat with strangers over tea Look out for a signal to switch groups! (Sometimes we might go out to dinner afterwards together as a group) Hope to see you there! **Please RSVP for free admission on your first visit **For more info, visit www.socialhaussf.com