Swinging cats with monocles - A motivational journey about reducing boilerplate

Philipp Martini @philippmartini

sipgate - Düsseldorf
Gladbacher Str. 74

Tue, Jun 18, 2019 at 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

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===Talk=== We will see, lenses, prisms, optics in general and the Scala optics library called monocle. After guiding everybody through the cool features monocle has to offer we will see it in action. The focus will be to see how monocle helps to reduce boilerplate code in a small application. It is a desktop application with a swing GUI that is wrapped with cats-effect and some more libraries. ===Targeted audience=== Beginner to Intermediate, some basic knowledge of Scala is helpful but not required. ===Speakers=== My name is Isaias Bartelborth and i work as a software engineer at Hivemind Technologies AG. I love coding Scala and also building small hardware applications in my spare time with Arduinos. My main interest in functional programming brought me to Scala 3 years ago. Up to now Scala is one of my favourite programming languages and it keeps impressing me. ===Location=== Special thanks to sipgate for hosting this meetup.