Sunday Funday: BBQ @ Lake Merritt


461 Bellevue Ave - Oakland, CA
461 Bellevue Ave

Sun, May 26, 2019 at 8:00 PM - 1:00 AM

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SWEET...I have your attention, keep reading!!! I've always love BBQ and enjoying cooking out with other people. I am very social by nature, however I've always been told that I have a *bitchin face whatever that means. If you see me, don't hesitate to drop by, forgo the handshake and lets do it with a real hug! With that being said, memorial day weekend is up right around the corner, I figured this would be a good opportunity to set a day for BBQ and invite everyone who doesn't already have a plan for that weekend to join me for a day of celebration. For all those that are interested in knowing more, we will be barbecuing delicious hotlinks, grilled oysters and for all the beautiful women in the bay area...bottomless pre-summer strawberry margaritas and colorful jello shot! To the wonderful guys out classy and bring a 12 pack to share! *I ask that you bring a plate to share with everyone. If you show up empty will be charged $20 dollars!!! What are you hesitating for? Come join me for a pre-summer blast! IMPORTANT REMINDER: ***Everyone is responsible for their own safety when it comes to consuming alcohol, you know yourself better than anyone else! Don't drink if you can't drive! Better yet, grab a designated driver and join the fun (his/her fee* will be waived). If you can't find someone, I recommend taking a rideshare or hailing a taxi down. Its better to be safe than sorry because a DUI is a pretty expensive. If you're rich, the cost of lawsuit from someone's death as a result of your action will probably land you in cell even if you have money. The idea of being in a slammer getting your salad toss at night, in this situation, money is useless... ***Memorial day will no doubt be pack full of people especially on Sunday. Plan accordingly and be prepare to park a few blocks away. There is paid parking spot one block away on the corner of euclid ave and grand ave. Expect quite a crowd especially on the the lakeshore side where there will be a large crowd gathering. ***Weather: The location offers a bit of protection from the sun and the forecast for this event is partially cloudy but that doesn't mean you should neglect the your skin. Bring sunscreen and in the event that you may need it...well you have it. ***Bringing a blanket for the picnic would be a smart idea especially since at one point we're all going to want to sit for a bit.