Summertime Maddness – Problem-Solving over Cards

Rebecca Atherton @rebeccaatherton

Mia Casa - Palma
When you rsvp I will whatsapp you my address and pin. It's in central Palma, just off Jaime III.

Sun, Jun 23, 2019 at 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM

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Summer time is generally magical, if you like the sun, but it can also bring up loads of problems... You are half way through the year, a lot has happened, you’ve poured your heart and soul into all of your New Year’s desires, goals and dreams and can now begin to look back and reflect upon what has and hasn’t begun to happened. It can bring up a lot of difficult emotions... For example: we can feel more... frustrated disappointed impatient heartbroken exhausted broken defeated lonely isolated rejected hopeless helpless angry fearful unhappy desperate and alone ... than we would do ordinarily or otherwise. This doubles if we don’t have a close knit family to support us... or a group of available and gentle friends..., and if we live apart/abroad or have fallen out from those we love and are currently estranged. Which makes it an ideal time of the year for shadow work, opening up a unique opportunity to go deeper with our own journey of personal exploration, clearing and healing. If you would like to unearth , examine , explore , come to understand and then allow, accept and heal some of your injuries in a setting that is both supportive and loving .... If you would like to experience some profound spiritual mothering ... If you would like to discuss , clear , release , examine , etc., what is blocking you... THIS IS THE PERFECT SPACE. Let me help you to feel better about your situation, your life and yourself. Let me guide you to a place of healing. Our time together will be between 60-120 minutes, priced at €10 per half hour. In it we will talk , meditate , do a little therapy and read the cards ... and just about anything else that feels relevant. The theme will be "what is blocking my path and attempting to halt me?" and "what am I ready to, and able to, let go?". The focus will be on 'what no longer serves your highest good' and what you, therefore, need to release. Don’t worry, together we will make this easy and we will have some fun . Healing is not supposed to hurt. For more information, client testimonials or background about the modalities I practice, email me (via my website. Or from here on Meetup ) or see my website lemonrosepetals.com. I do lots of other yummy things. I look forward to meeting you and to the special time we will share. I promise you... it will be something you look back on and treasure for years. I know all of my readings have been transformational game changers. Special rates (available for repeat visits and for weekly consultations).