Stargazing Boat Cruise!

Mark Coppinger @markcoppinger

Captain John Boats - Plymouth, MA
10 Town Wharf

Sun, Jun 2, 2019 at 12:30 AM - 3:45 AM

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Start the season with a really awesome cruise with amazing views of the Milky Way Galaxy and many meteors! Come enjoy an ocean of stars as your on board astronomer guides you through the constellations and stars with a laser pointer on the top deck of the boat! We travel out into the middle of Cape Cod Bay where the skies are as dark as rural Vermont and the stars are amazing! You will literally see thousands of more stars than you can on land. The boat comes to a stop and we all gather on the top deck and your on board astronomer then traces out all the constellations with a laser and discusses many interested topics. Come join us for an amazing night under the stars! In May the Milky Way is rising in the east and this is toward the open Atlantic ocean, so the skies looking east are very dark and the Milky Way can be seen with some remarkable detail. Come check it out! Arrive by 8:30 pm to start boarding. The cruise leaves at 9 pm and returns at midnight. The boat has a bar and food for sale. The cost is $60 per person, payable when boarding the boat, cash only. Thanks! ~Mark