Sound Medicine Retreat

Scania Price @scaniaprice

Gaunts House - Dorset

Fri, Jun 28 at 2:00 PM - Sun, Jun 30 at 2:00 PM, 2019

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We welcome you to the first Sound Medicine healing retreat weekend with Scania and Heike at the beautiful setting of Gaunts House in Wimborne, Dorset. This weekend you will nourish your Mind Body and Spirit. We will play together in rhythm, relax into the sounds of gongs and bowls, dance ecstatically, create a memento, sing and drum by the fire and share the joy of time spent in the company of friends – new and old. Both Scania and Heike are local to the area and have held many workshops at Gaunts which has fabulous grounds, a lake, woodland and a pool which can all be enjoyed exclusively by the group . We shall gather to celebrate the summer season and enjoy time and space at this lovely place, with full board - home made delicious vegetarian (or optional vegan) food a full program of sound healing, rhythm, fire & ceremony. There are two ways you can pay: Either deposit of £50 then rest of payment before the 31st March or you can pay the full amount either here online or we can give you bank transfer details Brochure: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0030/1216/5743/files/retreat_stuff.pdf?8769026923799250338 Friday Evening: Dinner & Welcome talk. Gong bath to relax into the space Labyrinth walk with Candle to enter into the dreamland of your weekend journey. Saturday: Morning meditation – Yoga Nidra Gong (meditation with Gongs) Music Medicine Circle Forest Bathing and Star Henge silent walk Craft session connecting to your inner vibration with Heike Mandala’s in Nature Gratitude and Flower ceremony (honouring our friends) Saturday evening /night: Mid-Summer Fire Ceremony, Drumming & Dancing (music to allow yourself connection into the body) Sunday: Medicine Drumming Circle Forest Bathing and walking the Labyrinth for your return to the awakened self. Voice & Sound Journey Gong Bath to magically transport you on your Journey home Goodbyes It’s been on our radar for a while now to create an immersive & healing retreat. To allow individuals to take time for themselves within a beautiful space, surrounded with nature, freedom and flexibility. To offer an accessible affordable space that people can come to reboot, rebalance and reintegrate . In circle and alone, using all elements (fire, wind, earth, water and air) we experience Sound Medicine and access Portals into our depths. With the support of Scania and Heike and our retreat family, this journey is possible to allow you to relax and come back home to yourself transformed. We will acknowledge that we have just passed the Summer Solistice when this retreat starts.This open and perfect place is perfect to access visible connection between sky and earth, body and soul for deep Gong work, drumming, singing, healing and celebration. You are welcome to have private retreat time as well as integration when you want it. We believe human beings are innately wise, strong and kind. This wisdom, although not always experienced, is always present. Going on retreat is a beautiful way to reconnect to our basic sanity and health. You can do all of the workshops or dip in when you feel like it. It is after all your retreat time. The intention behind this Sound Medicine retreat is to dive into the healing alchemy of sound medicine. Sound healing is rooted in the principle that everything in existence is made of micro-vibrations and to keep our body/heart/mind in good health it makes sense to keep ourselves in tune. Through vocal practices, healing instruments, intention and tuning ourselves back into nature, we are able to bring ourselves back into vibrational alignment. WHATS INCLUDED; * Two nights accommodation or camping at Gaunts House * All meals (beginning with dinner on Friday evening) and all snacks, coffee, tea in-between meals ends with Lunch on Sunday * Participation in all workshops, gatherings, circles, ceremonies and events PRICES:prices vary from £175 for camping to £325 for single ensuite accommodation. See website for booking and further details www.scaniaprice.com