Sound Healing and Vibrational Medicine with Laurie Wondra

Laurie Wondra @lauriewondra

Lake Harriet Spiritual Community (LHSC) - Minneapolis, MN
4401 Upton Ave S

Thu, Aug 15, 2019 at 12:00 AM - 1:30 AM

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This event is after the Lion Gate Portal and before the Full Moon of August. The Summer gateways begin to narrow as we refine our beliefs, intents and the focus for us for the next year. This night will be a focus on the powerful shift happening with frequencies both within and outside of our energy-bodies. Sound helps us align to the changes that are happening and will create the space to welcome these super-charged energies. Described as 'Magical Healing and Activation,' this event uses vibration and sound to clear, open and infuse us with light, love and the energy to move forward on our journey. Sound includes Tibetan, and crystal bowls, bells, gongs and other sound tools that will release and elevate your energy. We are wiling the full moon energies of this week. A great time to shake thing loose with sound, vibration and Laurie's natural abilities to see and work with these powerful energies. 2019 is a year of change and activation of our energy bodies. Laurie will start the evening speaking about the energy that is present during this season. She is joined by the energies of the universe to clear threads and universe ties, clear energy pockets before activating and connecting to new threads needed for the higher chakras - universal heart, universal communication, and ultimate being. You will be seated on comfortable chairs during this meditation. You are welcome to bring mats or pillows if you want to be on the floor. This meditation, with Laurie's facilitation and ability to see energy will open portals and encourage you to step through new energetic doorways. Many describe this as floating in the heavenly realms of love and peace and experience considerable shift in their life after activation. Laurie works with the divine light and the frequencies of the universe to receive codes, keys, and information that YOUR force field needs or are desiring. She works in the energy grids to connect us to new universal energies that we need or desire. She's looking forward to being the conduit for this transformational energy. Laurie is a certified Sound Healing and Vibration healing medicine woman in Acoustic Technologies TM. She is a member of the International Sound Association where she remains current with technology and acoustic revolution. She is a Master Light worker and communicator with the healing realms. She recently was invited to use her gifts and teaching skills to hold sessions at St. Thomas University in MN. Her skills, connections and abilities make these events amazing. $20