Social Haus Pop-up: Talk to a stranger, make a friend [SOMA][FREE]

SF Club @sfurbanadventureclub

156 2nd St - San Francisco, CA
156 2nd St

Sat, Jun 15, 2019 at 1:00 AM - 3:00 AM

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Ever wished for a place like Central Perk from Friends? Ever thought that sometimes the best conversation comes from the most spontaneous encounters? Join us at Social Haus! It's a place where you will meet open-minded individuals, intentionally designed for the exchange of information, skills, and cultures. https://socialhaussf.com To see more awesome Urban Adventure Club events, please visit us at: https://urbanadventureclub.com/Events Once you arrive, we first want to get to know you — what are your interests? goals? — then pair you up with one or two others for a cup of tea, along with a few activities we have planned. We encourage you to learn about each other's unique background and skillsets, and to have a conversation beyond small talk. We understand that even if long lasting friendships do not form immediately, we believe that you'll find it valuable in learning something about a fellow San Franciscan. This event will occur weekly every Friday, for whenever you'd like to stop by and have some tea with friends. *Note: For more info, visit www.socialhaussf.com. If you like the concept and are interested in potential partnerships, come by or contact socialhaussf@gmail.com. Add Events to Your Personal Calendar https://www.calendarx.com/calendarpage/cw71248 Registration Price FREE for all members The Plan 6:00 PM: Meet at 156 2nd street for intros 6:15 PM: Sign in, talk to event host 6:30 PM: Participate in a few activities with others attending the event (either 1:1 or in a small group) Come refill your tea after 20 minutes, and we'll switch up the groups! 8:00 PM: Wrap up