Scottish and English Country Dancing


Veteran's Memorial Building: Upstairs Ballroom - Eugene, OR
1626 Willamette Street

Fri, Apr 26, 2019 at 2:00 AM - 4:30 AM

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• What we'll do Community is the main goal of Scottish and English country dancing. A coming together of people to dance, share the wonderful music, and perhaps meet new friends. Country dancing is not strictly folk dancing, since it was popular with all strata of English society. A country dance ball could take place in a grand manor or in a barn. All that was needed was a group of dancers and a few musicians. Many of the gala ball scenes in movie adaptations of Jane Austen novels are choreographed from the county dances of the era. The Eugene Country Dancers, the Eugene chapter of the Heather and the Rose Country Dancers (H&R), have presented weekly social dances and instruction in Eugene for over 35 years. H&R is a statewide organization dedicated to the preservation and distribution of country dancing, the traditional social dance forms of England and Scotland. Currently active branches are in Eugene, Roseburg and Ashland. The Eugene group meets every Thursday (with a holiday break between Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve), from 7:00pm -9:30pm at the Veterans' Memorial Ballroom, second floor. There are Balls in the various branch cities, and an annual weekend retreat in the Cascades. Dancers sometimes attend the Balls in Scottish or English traditional clothes from all the historical periods of country dancing. All dances for balls and the weekend camp are taught during the weekly sessions. Country dancing as a distinct dance form dates from the late Elizabethan period. The first printed collection of country dances is the 'English Dancing Master", published by John Playford in 1650. It is a collection, not a composition, so we know that the dances were in circulation before the publishing date. Dances are still being devised and many favorites are contemporary; introduced in the last twenty years. The tradition began in England but soon migrated north to Scotland. There it was blended with the Highland reels to produce a distinctly Scottish form. Scottish country dance uses the patterns common to English country dance but employs footwork and music used in Highland reels. The intent of the class is to build a dancer's knowledge of and comfort with the dance form. Cost: First time FREE We generally l have live music night each "Fifth Thursday". Please confirm this if you wish by messaging me on this site. $7 per night ($6 H&R Members) • What to bring Soft-soled shoes are often used to dance in, although no special type of shoe is required. Water to drink. Nametag if you have one.