SB Happy Wed Hikers go to Arroyo Hondo

Rodger Sorrow @rodgersorrow

Arroyo Hondo Preserve - Goleta, CA

Wed, Jun 26, 2019 at 4:00 PM - 6:45 PM

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June 26 – Arroyo Hondo (30 minutes/28 miles) From Santa Barbara: Traveling northbound on the U.S. Highway 101, the Preserve is about a thirty minute drive from downtown and approximately four miles past Refugio State Beach. After the Refugio exit, pay attention to the blue CalTrans call boxes spaced one mile apart on the right hand side. The Arroyo Hondo entrance is located at call box 101-412. Slow down when you see our call box coming up and make traffic slow down behind you as you signal your turn. Make a sharp right turn from the highway into the Preserve driveway. The gate will be open, come down the driveway, cross the bridge, and park past the barn. To Get Back to Santa Barbara: From the top of the driveway, wait for all traffic to clear, then turn right (north). Go 3 miles and exit at Mariposa Reina. Go over bridge and enter southbound onramp. As usual we will hike for an hour then sit and have a short discussion of self healing. Then we enjoy a short 10 minute meditation then begin our return hike. Join us!