Saturday Outdoor Soccer Pickup/Tournament - Waukegan

Pedram Kermani @pedramkermani

Waukegan SportsPark - Waukegan, IL
3391 W Beach Rd

Sat, Aug 3, 2019 at 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM

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Looking for some outdoor pickup soccer on grass? You got it. These fields are well-maintained and perfect for 9v9. Depending on the turnout, we'll play a 2-team pickup or rotate teams through our popular pickup-tournament format. Either way, you've got a great 2-hour soccer workout. You will get a ton of playing time in a well-organized event! Our host will check players in, divide players into teams, and make sure everything runs smoothly. All you have to do is show up ready to play! This event is run in a tournament-style format. You must be on time for this event. Late-comers may be turned away. These games are played 8v8 format (including goalies). Pricing: $8 - Pay online in advance (PayPal through $10 - Cash on Site NOTE: The option to pre-pay online will be available when we have enough people signed up to confirm a game and when we know for sure the weather will allow us to play. This usually happens the day before or the day of the event. The host will post a comment when the option to pre-pay is available. This location charges $5 per vehicle for parking on the weekends. This is paid on site and cannot be pre-purchased through Grab A Game. What to Wear We are playing on a grass field. Most players wear cleats on this field. Shinguards are recommended but not required. Format: Depending on the number of attendees, we will play anywhere from a 2-team pickup to a 6-team tournament! You are guaranteed a minimum of 1 hour of actual playing time and may play up to the full two hours. Sign up by yourself or with friends. We make the teams on site as players check in. We do our best to accommodate team requests as long as players arrive before the posted start time. Post your team requests in the comments section of this event. The winners of the tournament will have their picture taken and posted on our meetup page to forever capture their moment of glory! What to Expect Show up early! The games will begin at the time posted for this event. Players may start checking in with the event host as early as 15 minutes before the scheduled start time. If the field is available, you may begin warming up before the event begins. We will provide a game ball. Level of Play Males and females 18 or older of all skill levels are invited to play. There is no required gender ratio. We do our best to create even teams for well-matched games. There are no referees, so players need to play with sportsmanship and make their own calls. We aim to make everyone feel welcome at these events. Minimum number of players This event needs a minimum of 12 people (not including the host) signed up before the start of the event in order to run. An email notification will be sent if we cancel. Sign up early to encourage more people to sign up!! Do Your Part! Help us keep an accurate guest count! If you RSVP, we're counting on you to be there and we'll plan accordingly. If you change your mind about playing or your guest count changes, please update your RSVP. No-Shows will be marked on your account. What's included in the price? Your payment helps to cover the facility costs, the hourly pay for your event host, equipment costs, and the management for a well-organized event. Love these events? Tell your friends! Share these events on facebook to let others know where you are playing. Like us on Facebook! (