Saturday Dog Walk at CASTLEWOOD CREEK

Karen B @karenb1

Castlewood State Park - Ballwin, MO
1401 Kiefer Creek Rd

Sat, Aug 10, 2019 at 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

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This is just a totally fun playday for the dogs. Only 3 miles, totally level, but footing is tricky. Half of the walk is IN THE CREEK, we walk up the middle of the creekbed. You will get wet feet. Your dog will get wet. Creek is spring fed and cold all summer long. ONE DOG PER PERSON... It can get rowdy at swimmin' holes. NO GUEST DOGS, our events are for member dogs only. Bring bug repellent, mosquitoes might be out around parking lot. WE HIT THE TRAIL PROMPTLY AT 10:00, with or without you. Arrive before that, or you might end up walking alone. ****LEASHES**** There are strict leash laws here, very crowded park. Your dog must be on short leash on the trails, but we do allow retractables in the creek so pups can play. If your dog gets away from you in the creek, you will be asked to leave. We have been doing this walk every weekend in the summer from June-October, and we don't want the group to get kicked out. Also, offleash fines are substantial and they do patrol here. ****FOOTWEAR**** Wear old tennis shoes WITH SOCKS to keep the rocks out. Newbies never listen to this, and they spend a lot of time dumping rocks out of their fancy water shoes. Flip flops are totally NOT appropriate here. Bring dry shoes for the drive home, if you want to. No need to bring water for dogs on hike, they can drink from creek. But be sure to have some in the car for the ride home. Also, please park in the shaded spots if it's really hot so your dog doesn't have to get into an oven for the ride home. DRIVING DIRECTIONS: Meetup mapping should get you to the park. Once inside the park, DRIVE TO THE END OF THE PARK ROAD, to the beach parking lot area by the river. It's about 1.5 miles into the park. THERE ARE SHADED SPOTS ON RIGHT IN THE SHADE. It's near the picnic tables. We meet there. Please park in shade to keep your car cooler for the ride home.