Rooftop Bar Pregame W/ us early- Party later with other Meetup groupMDW

Alan Kings @alan4

Rooftop@ Revere Hotel Until 9pm - Then, Ghost Walks at 9pm(Other meetup) - Boston, MA
57 Stuart St

Sat, May 25, 2019 at 11:30 PM - 1:00 AM

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SATURDAY MAY 25th Week #5Memorial Day Weekend Join us at a Rooftop Bar to PREGAME & Meet New Friends at Rooftop@Revere Hotel, AFTER Pregame location we move to THE GHOST WALKS BAR, walking distance , where we will meet with other meetup group for more drinks and party. If you haven't already done so Join that group ,created by Tamir , to get into the event. You don't want to miss out on those events AT ALL This week we will be pregaming for an event as a part of the "F*ck it I'm Single" Meetup Group happening later on at 10pm OUR GROUP IS FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO COME OUT BEFORE THE EVENT AND GET THE NIGHT STARTED EARLY. SHOW UP TO A VENUE WITH NEW FRIENDS Our Pregame location will be ROOFTOP@Revere Hotel, before event. After our first location we move to the event with the other meetup group, Walking distance Come pre drink with us & Get some views of the City of Boston Simply just show up to location and find us near bar or a table We are all new friends here, Never show up to a venue alone again! IMPORTANT This group is a Pregame Social group to either other Meetup group events or other Venue events around the City of Boston. We created this group so other members like you, have the option to get the night started early If this is your first time coming out with us Heres how it works We Pregame before an event so you can get a head start of the night so you can show up to a venue already with new friends. (Location and number of venues depends weekly on Time/Location/Event) 1. 1️⃣st Location will be at Rooftop@Revere Hotel 2. 2nd Location is at The Ghost Walks to meet up wit Other meetup group Anyone is welcome, If you have any questions feel free to message me. **Any Food & Drinks you order are your own responsibility**