Rock Your Swing Dance Fundamentals - Lessons with Ron & Bre


Rock 'N' Bowl - New Orleans, LA
3016 S Carrollton Ave

Thu, May 23, 2019 at 12:00 AM - 1:00 AM

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Lindy Hop classes designed to make your fundamentals rock solid! It's the next best thing to a private lesson. We don't just demonstrate good connection and posture. We practice with everyone in the class. Often, one teacher watches while the other dances with the student to help spot where improvements can be made. The goal is to refine your technique which will make it MUCH easier to lead, follow, and learn moves. Classes are held in the large room adjacent to lane #1. Pay for the class there with cash or credit card. Teachers stay for the band and are available to answer questions and work out issues during the social dancing. The $20 fee includes staying for the band and social dancing on the best dance floor in the city. But, you must get there a little before 7pm or an additional $10 cover charge will be collected at the door. The Band starts immediately after the class and plays till 11pm. (Drinks are inexpensive and there's no need to tip the band.)