River Rafting through Dinosaur National Park + Motivation for Your Brain w/NLP


Dinosaur National Monument - Jensen, UT
11625 E 1500 S

Fri, Aug 9 at 5:00 PM - Sun, Aug 11 at 6:00 PM, 2019

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Jason has been gracious to let me post about my upcoming River Retreat through Dinosaur National Park. So if you love the water, being outdoors and personal development skills for your brain~ you're gonna love this trip! Every year I run a low cost nature retreat, combining the beauty of the outdoors and the brain skills of Neuro Linguistic Programming to get your brain onboard with your goals. Here's some details: Adventure wakes up your brain, releases the feel good chemicals dopamine and serotonin, plus nature helps your mind and body achieve the relaxation response, and the power of NLP to boost your motivation in everyday! Join me for 3 days in Dinosaur National Park as we combine NLP Motivation Brain Skills with Nature Adventure and Fun! When you head outdoors for a woodland hike or have a picnic overlooking a vast valley below, have you noticed a difference in your mood and well being? Now research is catching up to what we’ve felt and known – that nature heals.Research shows that the great outdoors is more than just having a good time – it’s good for your brain. So now that you are completely justified in spending a couple of days in the glorious outdoors of Utah. Come enjoy the scenic wonder and marvel at the history of the planet – see the traces of the Dinosaurs! And we’ll be engaging the brain for bringing magic and wonder of life into everyday! It’s not just a way to write off a summer adventure – you’ll get the NLP Brain Skills to light up your mind with Motivation, Focus and Fun in both your personal and professional life. Neuro Linguistic Programming: NLP was developed by psychology researchers at Berkeley in the 1970’s. What they discovered in studying powerful therapists like Virginia Satir and Milton Erickson was the brain’s inner coding system that affects how we see ourselves and the world around us. And HOW to tap into that coding system to make updates to what your brain is running automatically. Here's what you'll discover: Learn about the nature of motivation Learn your Motivational Style Discover how to Access your Inner Reserves of motivation quickly Learn to Tap into your Brain’s Genius for problem solving Help your Brain Refresh your Perspectives and Boost Your Energy With added benefits of experiencing Hypnosis by firelight and enjoy the amazing night sky with stargazing. Check out the details and register here: Questions? Feel free to call me: Holly 801-810-9406 Its about 3 hrs from Salt Lake to the campsite. Stunning canyons, amazing territory and a dinosaur wall of 400 + Dinosaur skeletons.