Quieter, mindful movement with ease & stability; email renofeldenkrais@gmail.com

Carole Bucher @carolebucher

Reno Buddhist Church-Eikyoji - Reno, NV
820 Plumas Street

Fri, Apr 26, 2019 at 12:00 AM - 1:30 AM

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Welcome! Awareness Through Movement® classes are life-changing, empowering experiences for people who want to improve movement and connect with themselves more deeply. If you are new, please contact me at the address above so I can send you the class handout and explain how it works. The Thursday 5-6:30 pm Feldenkrais class at the Reno Buddhist Center (820 Plumas at Taylor, enter from the Taylor side) has changed a bit. It is now focusing solely on relaxing, slow, mindful, meditative self-sensing and self-awareness by doing Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons. This class is also the official portal for people new to the Feldenkrais Method, or who have been away for a period of time. Thus it is both a beginners' class and a class for those who wish to discover a beginner's mind through Awareness Through Movement (ATM class). Every week I will teach lessons that focus on real self care, and which are de-stressing, simple, organizing and meditative. Lesson themes may include vision, breathing, balance and/or functional movement or combinations of these. They will be gentle opportunities for you to learn to respect, listen to and take seriously the information your body is trying to share with you, to stop being on autopilot. This class will help people who want quieter, gentler support for any reasons, including: --Movement issues --Nervous system function --Chronic pain --Long-term health issues --Trauma and stress relief --MS and Parkinson's and other neurological concerns --Post-stroke, surgery or injury --Cancer People who want to explore and find quieter, deeper ways to connect with themselves for wellbeing/healing, integration and transformation will benefit from this class. Our bodies are magnificent instruments that we can learn to play with much more refinement, even when we are ill or vulnerable, in pain, fatigued or overwhelmed, or lost. Whatever our age, condition or state, improving our self awareness will optimize our lives and support our human development and understanding. If these issues resonate or relate to you, please consider joining us. Kindly contact me at renofeldenkrais@gmail.com to get the material you need for class. Plan to come 15 mins early to your first class and dress in layers (no matter the temperature); bring a blanket or comforter, a medium sized towel and water. You may also bring a yoga mat if you already have one and like to use it. Whatever makes you happy and comfortable. To see youtube clips of classes and discussion about the Feldenkrais Method®, Functional Integration® and Awareness Through Movement, please visit my website at www.renofeldenkrais.blogspot.com. You may also use the contact form on my website in the upper right hand corner to contact me. It is more reliable than the meetup interface. Wishing you well and looking forward to seeing you, Carole Carole, BA, GCFP/T Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner/Teacher 775-240-7882