Porcelain Ceramics - the art of making & decorating plates & bowls

Sally Cleary @sallycleary

Opaz Atellier - Paris
51 Rue de Presles, Aubervilliers, 93300

Sat, Jun 29, 2019 at 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM

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Be inspired...to make & decorate some beautiful bowls & plates in porcelain. Using a variety of skills ... you can use stamps, textured fabric, leaves and plants to emboss the surface, or hand paint the surface with your own original design and colour palette . I will demonstrate each process at the beginning of the class and assist you with technique. This course is designed for ALL budding artists and ceramists. Open to all nationalities and genders it is a great opportunity for language exchange and meeting new people. Cost: 30 euro per casual class, or 100 euro for 4 weeks. Materials: 5 euro for materials (to be paid in cash) Firings: cost of firing will depend on size and number of pieces. Approx. fee 5-10 euro / class. Packaging: Please supply your own bubble wrap and pack your own work to avoid charges. Bring: a towel, note / sketch book, protective clothing (eg. wear old clothes), images, drawings and ideas:-) Door codes and contact number will be supplied on receipt of payment. Information about me and my art practice /experience can be found on my website: www.sallycleary.com CLASS SIZE LIMITED TO 8 PERSONS - number below does not reflect pre-paid bookings by regular attendees. I look forward to meeting you soon:-)