Personal Transformation through NLP Workshop



Waltair Club - Visakhapatnam

Mon, Jun 17, 2019 at 3:30 AM - 11:30 PM

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# Personal Transformation Workshop through NLP For Educators, Trainers, Psychologists, Management Consultants, Coaches, Therapists, Students(16+) or anybody looking out for personal transformation. Most of us look for a transformation in life. Don’t we? And why do we do that? To feel more aligned, in sync, to shut that inner chatter, to optimize our potentials and minimize the not so resourceful behaviors. Bottom Line –to lead a balanced life and be in sync with our mind body and soul. So why do we want this inner engineering? strike the work-life balance, balance our personal relations and find our higher purpose in life. Reasons can be many. How do we channelize this inner monkey? Ways are many, How about undergoing a mental gym. Tap into the infinite resources the brain offers, channelize the thoughts and behaviors for the desired outcome. So what Mental gym are we talking about here? NLP- Neuro Linguistic Programming What is it? Neurology is how our mind-body functions, Language is how we engage with the external world, and programming determines the various models of the world we create or basically with the mind-body function and language how do we programme our brain.NLP is the dynamics amongst these three aspects of human experience. Who is the Trainer: Dr.Bhavana Nissima from the house of Lightweaver: https://thelightweavernlp.com/. Bhavana is a licensed NLP Trainer with IPNLP and Master Practitioner with Society of NLP A certified Social Panorama Consultant and Founder of Mental Space Academy, India. She has been trained and coached with 8 different International NLP trainers. She also has a Doctorate in Communication and taught in Universities in India and the United States for 11 years before moving to the change work field. Also, a very passionate writer and has coached hundreds of writers in their work. For More Details Contact: Sanjana 9966091825