Outdoor Sunday BBQ Tennis Party at Packanack Lake Tennis Club


Packanack Lake Tennis Club, Clay Courts - Wayne, NJ
9 Osborne Terrace

Sun, Aug 4, 2019 at 7:00 PM - 2:30 AM

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Hello Everyone! IF YOU ARE A NEWCOMER, PLEASE CALL ME 201-390-9933, SO I CAN GET TO KNOW YOU :-) Spend Sunday afternoon with old and new friends playing tennis and having BBQ at Packanack Lake! Our outdoor parties are a popular summer activity. For those who haven't been to the Lake, it's like being at a resort or in your own backyard with a nice deck, overlooking clay courts. When you are there, you will not think about anything else except fun and relaxation. All levels are welcome. You will get plenty of tennis and fun. Bring your friends and families. The More the Merrier! Packanack Lake Tennis Club 9 Osborne Terrace, Wayne 07470 (6 outdoor red clay courts; 2 hard courts) Only 20-30 minutes from the GWB $33 includes tennis and BBQ $15 includes food only, non-players GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS RESPECT FOR SPACE WE SHARE Please pick up after yourself when you finish eating. It spoils the environment for everybody else while they're sitting out and socializing during their off hour, sharing the same area. It's nice to have respect for the space we all share. Please help me, as I'm juggling many things to create a fun evening for everyone. BALLS ON COURT A friendly reminder, please find the 3 balls that you played with and place them by the net for the next group of players. Often people cannot find the balls or they are mixed in with old balls, not ones from the night's party. HAND BALLS TO SERVER Be considerate and wait for the server or the partner to turn around before sending balls over the net. It's safer, saves time and just good court etiquette. BE SUPPORTIVE OF YOUR PARTNER Every once in a while we need to be reminded that we keep a positive attitude on the court. People come for the enjoyment of the game and to meet other people in a social setting. Please be a sportsman and be supportive of your partner. It isn't fun for anyone on the court to see discontent being shown through facial expressions, body language or even scolding. Let's keep the parties fun and enjoy the evening. Look forward to meeting old and new friends at the next parties! Thanks, Penny Jung Event Coordinator ( - website - email address 201-390-9933 - Cell