Oslo Community Midnfulness: At Stampen (Brugata 12)

Ben silverman @bensilverman

Stampen - Oslo
Brugata 12

Tue, Jul 2, 2019 at 3:45 PM - 5:00 PM

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This is open to ALL and these are weekly free gatherings. We will now meet at Stampen (Brugata 12) and just before we meet is a yoga class and just after is a sound bath that other groups are hosting so please check back for more specifics or visit Stampen page for more details. The evening consists of a brief introduction followed by mindfulness practice in two parts - quietly sitting (or guided) for 30 min and then being mindful for listening and conversation. - if you would like to stay for that part. Please see main group page Oslo Community Mindfulness for more details about the group, etc. **(About 15-25 people come each Tuesday - regardless what "going" says) This community/gathering is for ANYONE who has an interest and curiosity with the theme of sustainable personal development. This group is unique in that there is no specific guiding teacher and no specific technique - it's your choice. We all meet as equals to question, share, and inspire each other to explore the open awareness we most deeply are. We give ourselves the opportunity to explore present awareness through basic observations. It is possible to then monitor how this feels, day-to-day, and gradually creates changes in our behaviors, and therefore quality of life, for the better. We can cultivate and promote a growing awareness through various types of practices, and even simply through conversations and friendships with like-minded people. Even if you never tried any kind of meditation/mindfulness practices before, or if you feel like you tried but don't understand it - this would be an welcoming community for you to explore. If you already have practices, this would still be a relevant space to gain refreshed perspectives and inspiration. If you are already a teacher/coach: all the more reason to participate here - maybe you can meet some new people interested in what you have to share...