Orchestrating ML Pipelines with Kubeflow Workshop

Vadim Solovey @vadimsolovey

Google TLV - Tel Aviv
Igal Alon 98

Thu, Jun 27, 2019 at 7:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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Kubeflow project aims to make it easy for everyone to develop, deploy, and manage composable, portable, and scalable machine learning on Kubernetes. In the workshop we will simulate a multi team company, building a complex machine learning pipeline. Our goal will be to submit a file to a Kaggle competition, predicting the adoption speed of a given pet using images, metadata, text and additional data sources. To do this we will leverage different technologies and train multiple machine learning algorithms. We will connect to different data sources, use pre-trained models and train our own models both on Google Cloud ML engine and on our Kubernetes cluster. These components will than be orchestrated to a single pipeline that eventually runs an ensemble method and writes a single prediction file. We will use custom made algorithms as well as leverage tools from Google Cloud ML APIs. The workshop will include intensive hands-on part in which participants will establish their own cluster and ML pipelines. What you can expect to learn: - Setup a Kubeflow cluster on GKE - Use JupyterHub on Kubeflow to explore the data - Use custom containers to extract features - Train a model on Kubeflow cluster using a Jupyter Notebook - Train a model by calling Cloud ML from Kubeflow - Orchestrate the ML pipeline Requirements: - Active Google Cloud account/project - Project/Owner privileges - Basic experience with ML, Python & Jupyter notebooks - Basic concepts of Kubernetes will be an advantage