Open Mic at KonFusion 19

david kobayashi @davidkobayashi

KonFusion Restaurant and Bar - Sheung Wan
Queen's Rd W

Mon, Jun 17, 2019 at 12:00 PM - 3:30 PM

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Welcome to Open Mic at KonFusion, where you’re free to sing, play, listen, or just enjoy delicious food, drinks, and great music and company! - We welcome all comers, whether you are a singer, a musician, an audience member, or a friend, please feel free to drop by and participate in our growing community (or just pop by to see what this event is about)! - If you're new or a first-timer, know that a vast majority of customers are here for the Open Mic and are super friendly; please do feel free to chat with everyone! - If you would like to sing and need accompaniment: 1) Before the event post the song name / artist in the comments below (up to 2 songs) [if not, no guarantee musicians know the song] 2) Talk to Alwin at the event to get in the queue (first-come-first-served) 3) Queue early; almost 50 songs a night! - Equipment available: 3 mics, digital piano, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, and a full drum kit. Feel free to use all or any of the above when performing - We encourage playing as a band and building musical rapport, but you can choose to perform solo or as a fixed group - In the spirit of live music, backing tracks are not allowed - If you appreciate what we do and the spirit of this event, please support us by ordering delicious food and refreshing drinks. We are lucky to have this fantastic venue supporting live music and Open Mic See you all there!