Not So Urban Athletics: Independence Day Camping in the Adirondacks


Forked Lake Campground - Long Lake, NY
381 Forked Lake Campsite Rd

Thu, Jul 4 at 3:30 PM - Sun, Jul 7 at 3:30 PM, 2019

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***EVENT IS FULL*** Psssst. Come here. That's it. Just a bit closer. I'm going to share with you one of my favorite spots in the northeast but you have to promise not to tell anyone. Join me as we enjoy this July 4th holiday camping lakeside at one of the Adirondacks best kept secrets -- Forked Lake Campground. The campground's remoteness and beautiful surroundings offer a terrific wilderness experience. Its large, well-forested, lakeside campsites are unparalleled in privacy. Close your eyes and you can almost imagine that the forest is yours and yours alone. So what do we do here other than pretending we are on survivor? The campground offers numerous water-focused recreational opportunities, including canoeing, boating, and fishing. If your interests are more terrestrial in nature, there are miles upon miles of hiking trails in the area. The plan! We'll meet Thursday morning at the campground, check in, and paddle to our campsite to set up our tents and other gear. From here we can do as much or as little as we'd like until dinner that evening. Sunday we'll get up and make breakfast and can continue to explore what the campground and area has to offer. What does it cost and how do I pay? $27.06 per person for the campsite fee. Cost is for THREE nights of camping. Payment is via PayPal -- you don't need a PayPal account and can pay via credit/debit card. Space is limited so until I receive your payment your RSVP is not confirmed and your attendance is not guaranteed. Once I have confirmation of receipt of your payment I will move you to confirmed RSVP status. To pay for your camping reservation, use this link-- Canoe rentals are $20 per day and will be paid for on site. But what do we eat? To keep it simple, everyone is responsible for bringing what food and snacks they would like to eat and drink. We will be cooking dinner Thursday, and breakfast, lunch and dinner Friday and Saturday, and breakfast Sunday. Meals will be semi-communal, meaning bring what you would like to eat for yourself but perhaps also enough to share with a few other people. Simple to cook but interesting items are best. This is BLACK BEAR country. We have to store our food in bear lockers at our campsites that measure 18" x 18" x 4' so pack accordingly. There is a carry in, carry out garbage policy in effect. What else do I need to know? • I'd suggest buddying up with tents to save hauling space/equipment costs. It doesn't matter to me if the accommodations are co-ed or gender segregated, everyone can decide what is most comfortable for them. • We have lakeside campsites that are paddle access, meaning we will be renting canoes and ferrying our gear in. • Rental gear (tents, sleeping bags, etc.) is available at the Gear to Go Outfitters in Park Slope, and at several REI stores in the NY/NJ area. • The campsites have pit/vault toilets, but no showers unfortunately. The lake is good for a wash if you bring environment friendly soap. • If you are unsure what to pack, please ask. • Meetup will be cancelled only in the event of a zombie apocalypse or locust swarm of biblical proportions. Possibility of rain or any other precipitation and we still camp. How to get there ... carpool! Forked Lake Campground 381 Forked Lake Campsite Road Long Lake, NY 12847 GPS Coordinates (Latitude, Longitude) 43.90856, -74.53502 The campground is about a 5 hour drive from NYC and we'll need to carpool to the campground. When you RSVP, please indicate if need a ride. Or if you plan to drive, where you are coming from and how many passengers you can take. We'll then figure out our carpooling options, please be proactive and contact a driver directly rather than just saying where you need a ride from. Gas and tolls should be picked up by the passengers, also a cup of coffee for the driver is a nice gesture.