Monday Tennis Meetup @ 5:00 pm @ Wallenberg Park (No Beginners- 3.0+)

Stephen Quentin @stephenkirbyquentin

Wallenberg Park - San Jose, CA
Curtner Ave.

Tue, May 14, 2019 at 12:00 AM - 4:00 AM

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Hello and welcome. This is a regular but informal meetup with many long time players. We encourage, like and accept new players all the time. We do however require some experience. No beginners please. We require a 3.0 or better players if you have not attended previously. Please R.S.V.P if you plan to attend so we know to look for you. This also encourages others to R.S.V.P and attend as they know there will be many players. Feel free to arrive early if that's your preference (and mention it in your comments). Generally, the first person to arrive will establish our presence on the Western most court near the pine trees on the South (red & green) courts. As more players arrive we take the next court to the East and so on till all the South courts are filled. Once filled, or if some of the South courts are occupied by others, we will occupy any North (blue and green) courts available. PARKING: At the side of Willow Glen High School. It's very tricky to find. Make sure to click the link below before heading to the courts.,-121.896089&spn=0.004012,0.010825&z=17> (,-121.896089&spn=0.004012,0.010825&z=17%3E);;; This meetup is a doubles meetup. If you would like to play singles please post that in your RSVP. As long as there are courts to accommodate all players go for it. However, if courts are not available please play doubles until courts open up. Level of play: We try to match similar levels on a court and set up mixed doubles as necessary or desired when we have multiple women attending, which is fairly often. The courts are filled on a first come first serve basis and play commences accordingly with team balances agreed upon before starting. Player abilties are generally assessed by regular attendees. After you complete one set please continue to play unless players are waiting or there are an odd number of players on another court comprised of meet up players. When players are waiting and a set is completed the losing team (or player) will retire to the waiting players queue or the "odd players" court and be replaced with the next two waiting players. If the teams are fairly matched in the new group of four (winners vs. waiting players) then play will commence with such teams after the new players have warmed up. If the teams are unbalanced, generally the players will be shuffled to balance them unless the challengers choose to play the winners regardless. Again, the team balance is generally set by mutual agreement with the regular attendees primarily making the assessment of players abilities. Once the teams are set up, play should commence for one more set and then cycle above should repeat itself until the end of the meet up. If you are uncomfortable with this, then this may not be the meetup for you to RSVP. We look forward to seeing you......hit and have fun!