Meditative Mondays New Moon Intention Setting Ceremony

LightWork Center @lightworkwellnesscenter

LightWork Wellness Center - Fort Myers , FL
1400 Colonial Blvd

Mon, Jun 3, 2019 at 10:00 PM - 12:00 AM

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Meditative Mondays New Moon Intention Setting Ceremony Meditative Mondays at LightWork Wellness Center Are New! So many of you have asked for us to start a Monday Meditation and HERE IT IS! Here We GROW Again! What better way for our very first Meditative Monday to kick off IN GEMINI SEASON with a NEW MOON INTENTION SETTING CEREMONY. I can feel the creativity exploding! Join Us Monday June 3rd At 6:00pm for our First of Many Meditative Mondays and set those new goals. That night we work on "Writing It Right", and understanding the universe is waiting to deliver! Tea and light refreshments will be served. We will raffle off something cool like a new bracelet or personalized reading during the attendance. The New Moon of June 3 will force you to consider your situation and to think about new possibilities. The New Moon of June in Gemini will encourage you to set out your dreams and to chase them with a pure heart. If you want to chage life paths and directions, the New Moon in June will give you the strength and courage to do so. The New Moon in Gemini will be strongly linked to Neptune and will therefore inspire new projects and adventures. AND OF COURSE Venus and Pluto along with New Moon June will heat up your love life and relationship. The New Moon of June 3, will mainly benefit your love life. $10.00 suggested to attend.