Martial arts lesson (Location: contact organizer)

Santiago Hernández @santiagohernandez

Please Contact organizer - Eindhoven

Mon, Jul 1, 2019 at 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM

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Martial arts can be taught based on compassion, love, and humility. Hence: “ I don’t compete with others, I complement with them”. ( Love your neighbor) Our view of martial arts is based on the single practice of " self defense “. In addition, in our training, the practitioner obtains an amazing and unique efficacy in severe situations of danger. Additionally, it helps him/her to win a balance not only in the body but also in their minds and hearts. The practitioner is better when he/she avoids a fight just by using their internal peace. But for achieving this, it is necessary a continuous combat against the things that block our daily life (alcoholism, drugs, materialism, ..). In this sense the training is oriented for everyone without making distinctions of belief or religion. The main goal is that practitioners can discover themselves and the obstacles that are blocking their peace. Each one of our practitioners is challenged by these basic questions: “If you don’t have peace how you can give peace?” “If you are not free how you can free others from their obstacles?” “If you are not happy how you can make others happy?” Our Method: We will base our training in the practice of Kenpo (China – USA). Additionally, we also include elements from Ninjutsu (Japan) and Aikido (Japan)