Let's Walk and Socialize Afterwards!!

Pat H @path1

Apex Community Park (Lake Pine) - Apex, NC
2200 Laura Duncan Road

Sat, Aug 3, 2019 at 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

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WHAT: The scenic walk around the lake is a little over 2 miles and we walk a moderate pace (not too slow, not too fast). WHERE: Once you enter the Apex Community Park off of Laura Duncan Road, go straight towards the picnic shelters at the end of the road. We meet at the beginning of the trail. EXTRA LAP: Anyone interested in walking an early lap prior to the regular group walk, please be prepared to start the walk at 8:00 AM so that we can return in time to greet everyone!!! SOCIAL AFTER WALK: After the walk, most of us meet for coffee and/or breakfast at the McDonald's at the corner of Lake Pine and Hwy 64. Make plans to join us! WEATHER POLICY: I have stopped cancelling walks because of a forecast for rain, snow or ice simply because it doesn't always happen and a light rain does not stop many of us. So, the walk remains posted and you make the personal decision to walk or not. Further, there are no guarantees that I or anyone else will be present at a 'walk at your own risk' outing. Feel free to post that you are walking regardless in case others might join you! SAFETY REMINDER: For our safety, I want to remind everyone that we should not walk more than two abreast and we must keep to the right while on the trail. Those wishing to pass on the left are supposed to let us know by saying so or beeping a horn, but as we well know that does not always happen. RUNNING LATE: If you are running a few minutes late, simply take a left at the bottom of the hill and catch up with us. Or take a right and you will eventually meet us.