Let's sing four-part harmony

Sea Chorus @seabreezeharmonychorus

Bay Area Activity Center - Coos Bay, OR
886 South 4th St.

Wed, May 8, 2019 at 1:15 AM - 3:15 AM

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Did you miss Guest NIght? Guess what: We welcome guests every Tuesday. Right now we are working on a couple of Billy Joel songs, a little Beatles, some traditional favorites like "My Romance" and "Shenandoah" and a couple special songs for Paddy-grams for in-person delivery on St. Patrick's Day. All in 4-part a cappella harmony! Come sing along with us any Tuesday. We are the only all-women chorus on the South Coast. We'll teach you how to use your voice and how to improve it if you are already a singer. Rehearsals are free and its always fun to learn something new! You'll make new life-long friends! All you have to do is walk in the door and be ready make some joyful noise. See you there!