Learn to Code! | Become a Developer Using Co-Learning Methodology

Frederic Bazin @fredericbazin

Agora Space - Shanghai
Panyu road 1199, building 8, underground

Sat, Jul 6, 2019 at 1:00 AM - 10:00 AM

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Become a developer using a co-learning methodology is a cooperative learning (co-learning) sessions in a work environment where participants are following advanced facilitators, self-paced online curriculum and helping each other succeed. We create a good environment for learning with peers, offer opportunities to apply skills to real projects and coach new developers to use industry standard practices. Check out our colearning scoreboard on freeCodeCamp at http://fcc.coderbunker.com/ TO REGISTER- https://yoopay.cn/event/90071725 --FURTHER DETAILS-- PROGRAMS • Learn front and back end development through freeCodeCamp • Learn data science through DataCamp • Learn DevOps best practice through AWS Training • Become a full stack web developer • Become a data engineer or scientist • Become a certified AWS expert • Collaborate on Open Source Project to reach professional proficiency Follow these co-learning tracks using high quality and self-paced online courses. For those who completed at least 50% of the learning track, we invite you to join Open Source projects in small teams to experience a professional team workflow. More on projects at http://github.com/coderbunker . CO-LEARNERS People want to learn to code for many different reasons. Coderbunker Co-learning targets individuals who would like to become software developers, as well as software developers who want to find coding buddies, advance their skills or explore new technologies. Join us so that we could introduce you to our community full of coding enthusiasts. FACILITATORS We have a strong team of facilitators with high expertise in various areas, find more about them at http://www.coderbunker.com/co-learning and http://www.coderbunker.com/members . Different experienced facilitators would join our co-learning sessions every week, challenge them with any questions! ACTIVITIES 09:00-18:00 – Self Paced Co-Learning Follow your own course and discuss with other co-learners or facilitators when you need help. Share your achievements, ask our senior engineers for career recommendation and join our teams on Open Source project. We open at 9 am but you can join us whenever from 9 am to 6 pm. 09:00-12:00 – Getting Started with Co-Learning In the morning, facilitators will help you get started with co-learning by picking the suitable learning path and giving you a career interview. Why do you want to learn coding? How can coding help with your personal and career growth? Have you ever thought of being a freelance software developer? What are the skills you need to become a software developer? 14:00-17:00 – Getting Started with Open Source Project In the afternoon, facilitators will introduce you in-house Open Source projects that you can work on to practice your coding skill and learn how to work in a team. Check out the GitHub repository here: http://github.com/coderbunker . If you don’t like those projects, we can come up with something more suitable for you. It is even better if you can share your project with us. PRICE • 1 Day Pass: 160 RMB First Trial • 1 Day Pass: 320 RMB After Trial • 1 Month Membership: 1160 RMB ABOUT CODEBUNKER Coderbunker is an international community that helps talented developers grow into successful freelancers with their own personal brand. We connect freelancers with customers by helping customers find the right resource at the right price at the right time. Through our community branding, we’ve generated hundreds of such opportunities in the last year. We have 50 members growing at a rate of 3 members a month.