Introduction to Chakras


Reiki et Meditation - Lyon (7th arr)
53 rue de la Madeleine

Mon, Aug 19, 2019 at 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

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[PLEASE NOTE: This workshop is only open to those who have completed Reiki 1 (with any teacher). If you did your Reiki 1 course with me, we covered all of this material on the course, so you don't need to do this workshop!] In this thorough and highly practical 2-hour workshop we’ll look at which areas of your mind, emotions and personality are governed by each Chakra, so that you have a really clear and accurate idea of where you most need to work. Whichever tools you're using on your spiritual (or personal development) path, an understanding of Chakras is a very powerful tool for creating huge personal change. Now, you may have heard people talking about Chakras in a rather mystical and usually very superficial way: “I need to balance my Chakras” or “I have a blockage in Throat Chakra and that means there’s something I need to express.” However, it is possible to gain a much deeper, more accurate, and above all highly practical, understanding of Chakras, so I now offer several levels of workshops so that you can work effectively with them. This workshop, Level 1: Introduction to Chakras is suitable for everyone - no prior experience or learning about Chakras is required! It's your gateway to any personal or spiritual practice involving Chakras, and many of my students have said, “Finally I understand how to use this stuff!” This workshop lasts 2 hours (or a little more) and costs €39. Please note that you need to pay in advance for this event to guarantee your place - please message me for payment details! I spent a total of 15 months living at a yoga school which practised almost exclusively with Chakras, so as well as huge positive changes in myself I’ve seen hundreds of people benefiting in similar way, many over a 5-year period. I now work with Chakras in most of my Reiki treatments, and my understanding of Chakras is a huge part of my everyday life. For this reason I'm confident that this is easily the most practical and accurate introduction to Chakras you can find! For more information about Chakras, this workshop and the other levels, feel free to visit, or just ask me :-) You can also bring your friends - if they've also studied at least Reiki 1. Venue: 7th arrondissement, very close to Parc Blandan and Jean Macé Language: Depends on participants! I'll probably teach this in English, with lots of help in French from our translator if needed (she has done this course twice!) but if everyone prefers, I'll do it in French, with clarification in English if required. Timing: 2 hours, but it might take longer if there are a lot of questions and/or translation! Cost: €39