Intro to Shamanism & the Shamanic Journey

Tina D'Amore @tinadamore

Ways To Wellness - Windham, ME
9 Whites Bridge Rd

Sat, Jun 8 at 2:00 PM - Sun, Jun 9 at 8:00 PM, 2019

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Shamanism is the oldest system of healing the mind, body, and spirit, practiced by humans for over 60,000 years. Come experience the basic practices of shamanism, including the core practice of journeying and learn why the wisdom of shamanism continues to stand the test of time. THIS IS A TWO-DAY WORKSHOP (*You must commit to attending both days*) Saturday, June 8th, 10a-5p Sunday, June 9th, 10a-4p REGISTER THROUGH HERE: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/intro-to-shamanism-the-shamanic-journey-tickets-59586362414 What this Workshop Offers You: *Explore what Shamanism is and what it is not *Learn how to begin to navigate the Shamanic Worlds *Meet your Power Animal in the Lower World and get acquainted with one of your Helping Spirits in the Upper World - start buiding relationships with both *Access the ancient knowledge of your own Helping Spirits in order to divine information and healing for Self and others *Adopt a healing ceremony that you can utilize when you or a friend/family member needs personal power *Tap into the Web of Life that connects all beings *Shamanism is a set of spiritual tools - you can have any or no religious affiliation and attend. A belief in Spirit is adequate to get the most from this workshop. *This is a beginner's workshop and is to be used only as a personal tool for oneself and/or friends/family. This workshop does not qualify a student to begin taking on paying clients for shamanic healing purposes, as this requires advanced training. FAQs *The minimum age for this workshop is 18. *For directions, google 9 Whites Bridge Road, Windham and follow with gps. There is plenty of parking in the lot. *A list of items to bring will be emailed to attendees one week before the workshop. *Please contact Tina D'Amore at 3crowshealing@gmail.com with any questions. Please visit 3crowshealing.com for more information on Tina D'Amore and her practice. *Because we have limited space and need to pay the venue, you must cancel 7 days before the event to receive a refund. *You will not need to bring your ticket to the workshop. Your ticket is not transferrable to other events unless you receive prior approval from Tina D'Amore.