HIKE to El Yelmo summit in La Pedriza / Subida al Yelmo de la Pedriza (Medium)


Manzanares el Real - Manzanares el Real

Sat, Jun 29, 2019 at 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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In this next Saturday hike we will visit the nearby La Pedriza hills, approaching it from the town of Manzanares el Real. La Pedriza is a very particular mountain landscape, unique in its kind in the whole Iberian peninsula. Located in the Southern slope of the Sierra de Guadarrama, its topography is defined by a collection of amazingly shaped rocks and crags. It consists of several granite batholiths formed in Paleozoic era. En la ruta de este próximo sábado vamos a visitar la cercana sierra de La Pedriza desde el pueblo de Manzanares el Real. Como sabéis, la Pedriza tiene unos paisajes y morfología muy particulares, únicos en su tipo en toda la península ibérica. Situada en la vertiente sur de la sierra de Guadarrama, se caracteriza por una topografía llena de riscos y rocas de forma curiosa que reciben nombres como el Pájaron, el Avión, el Elefantito, el Caracol... y por supuesto, el renombrado y majestuoso Yelmo. La Pedriza soils have a variable performance to erosion resulting in contrasts which give rise to a unique genuine granitic forms natural museum. Because of their peculiar shapes, the rocks hold names evoking common forms, as the Helmet (el Yelmo), the Bird (el Pájaro), the Seal (la Foca), the Camel (el Camello), the Little Elephant (el Elefantito), the Pig Stone (Canto Cochino), the Snail (el Caracol) etc. Thanks to this geomorphology, La Pedriza is the most important climbing area from the Community of Madrid. El Yelmo's south face presents a massive rock wall that is highly prized by advanced mountain climbers. Our route will reach the summit through a narrow chimney open in the north face, so no climbing skills or rope are needed at all. But you will need to help yourself with both your hands and feet for 20 meters. A short, challenging but fun scramble that will take us to the summit of El Yelmo at 1.717 meters. La cara sur del Yelmo es una gigante pared lisa muy apreciada por los escaladores. En nuestra ruta, sin embargo, llegaremos a la cumbre del Yelmo por su cara norte a través de una estrecha hendidura conocida como la Chimenea. Por lo tanto no hace falta escalar ni cuerda para lograrlo. Simplemente ayudarnos con las manos un poco para trepar durante unos 20 metros. Es una chimenea corta, exigente, pero muy divertida de hacer por cualquier con una forma física normal. Una vez superada, llegaremos a la cumbre del Yelmo, a una altitud de 1.717 metros. Besides climbing to El Yelmo, in our route we will encounter the Snail and the Little Elephant. Among other well-known rocks formations that we will see. Also from the Yelmo summit we will enjoy wonderfull views over the town of Manzanares el Real and the Santillana reservoir. Además de la subida al Yelmo, en nuestra ruta al mismo nos encontraremos con el Caracol y el Elefantito. Además de otros riscos que veremos. Y desde la cumbre del Yelmo podremos disfrutar de unas vistas únicas y maravillosas sobre el pueblo de Manzanares y el embalse de Santiallana. Also after the hike you may want to visit the famous Mendoza family Castle in Manzanares el Real. The town of Manzanares el Real has been used as a location for many films from Castillian romances to spaghetti westerns, Spartacus and El Cid, it combines the magnificent 16th-century architecture Castle with breathtaking mountains and lake scenery. Tras la ruta se podrá incluso visitar el famoso castillo de los Mendonza. O pasear por el pueblo de Manzanares el Real, que ha sido utilizado como localización de muchas películas al combinar su imponente castillo del siglo XVI con paisajes sorprendentes de sus montañas y embalse. HIKE INFO & DETAILS: - PRICE 12,50€ for the guided hike - DISTANCE: 14km - DURATION: 7h (including breaks, lunch, photos taking, etc) - TYPE: Loop - ELEVATION GAIN: 700m. - ELEVATION LOSS: 700m. - DIFFICULTY: Medium/Hard. It includes hiking on steep terrain and short scrambling on rock. The hike in general terms is medium. We will follow non conventional trails and go off trails in order to search and find the well hidden Little Elephant. It is a loop route so we will have a more comprehensive understanding of the La Pedriza hills near Manzanares el Real. Total time of the route between 6-7 hours depending how long we want to stay in the Yelmo summit. If the weather is nice enought we may have a picnic up there. The route ends back in the town of Manzanares el Real, where its medieval castle can be visited. The only tricky part is the very end of the hike up to El Yelmo, the last 20-30 meters, where you walk/climb up to the top through the chimney, which is a narrow scramble where you will need to help yourself with your hands and feet. It's challenging but very doable and fun. So far everyone who has come with us has been able to make it to the top. You will love it :) But of course if once there you feel it is not something for you, you may also wait at the entrance of the chimney, relaxing and enjoying the great views over the north side of la Pedriza, while the group comes down from the summit. HOW TO GET THERE We are MEETING at 10:00 at Manzanares el Real Tourist Office (just next to the bus stop and in front of the Plaza de Dia supermarket). https://goo.gl/maps/f4Biwk4i97k BY CAR - Map location of the nearest parking lot: https://goo.gl/maps/dQhDo7qLEE52 If we have enough cars we will allocate all hikers in the available cars. Otherwise, the meeting point can be reach by bus. BY BUS - Take the 724 bus from Plaza de Castilla Intercambiador at 9:00 am. Dársena/Platform 26. Please double check the platform at arrival.The bus leaves promptly at 9:00, so please plan to arrive a little earlier before the bus departure (8:45-8:50 would be fine) to secure a place in the bus. Also allow yourself some extra time as metro and buses run less frequently on weekends than on weekdays. Get off the bus at Manzanares el Real main bus stop. The price of a one-way ticket is 5.10€, please bring change of 5 or 10€ for the driver. Also if you happen to have an Abono Joven, good news for you: the trip is included in it and therefore free for you showing the Abono! :) WHAT TO BRING - Hiking shoes or mountain boots. Trail running sneakers are ok as well. - A small backpack for your stuff - 1,5L of water or other soft drinks per person. PLEASE DON´T BRING LESS. - Your lunch - Sunscreen & sunglasses - A hat or a cap. - A fleece or warm sweatshirt as it may get chilly in the evening. - A light windproof jacket if you have one it is recommended. - Bring yourself ready to enjoy a wonderful and fun hike with like-minded people! :) We expect to be back at Plaza de Castilla around 20:00. However, bear in mind that the expected time is approximated since hiking depends on the group's pace and any other circumstances that might arise along the hike.