Hike The Upper Half Of the Shutin Trail, 8.5 Mile key exchange hike.


Bent Creek River Park - Asheville, NC
1610 Brevard Rd

Wed, Jul 31, 2019 at 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

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We will meet at the Bent Creek River Park and divide into two groups. The UP group with Allen will begin at Bent Creek Gap (Experimental Forest Rd.) and hike the MST South to foundation remains of Vanderbilt's Buck Springs Lodge. The down group led by either Mark or Jeff will begin at the Mt. Pisgah parking lot and hike the MST down to the parked cars at Bent Creek Gap. THIS is the MORE difficult half of the 17 mile Shutin Trail hike. UP HIKE DESCRIPTION: This hike is entirely on the MST which is among the best maintained trails in our area. The UP hikers will have an estimated Elevation Gain* of approximately 3,500- 3700 feet. This includes an immediate long up hill climb over Ferrin Knob with a roller coaster hike beyond to another more challenging 1 1/2 mile steep climb ("the Wall") to the top of Little Pisgah then a steep decent and continue a final roller coaster hike to the Buck Springs Lodge. DOWN HIKE: will begin at the Buck Springs Lodge with a roller coaster hike before the steep climb up Little Pisgah, with a steep decent to a roller coaster hike with another steep climb up Ferrin knob and the final decent to the parked cars at Bent Creek Gap. The elevation Gain** on this hike is estimated to be 1800-2000 feet. ELEVATION GAIN: * Level 10 Fitness hikes have an Elevation Gain between 3,000 & 4,000 feet. ** LEVEL 6 Fitness hikes have an Elevation Gain between 1800 & 2,100 feet. BRING a snack, water and a camera and a light rain jacket. THE WEATHER predictions show a 30 to 40% chance of rain during hike time. If this becomes more ominous we may cancel the hike. DOGS: are welcome as long as they are friendly to other dogs and passing hikers. GENERAL INFORMATION: The Shutin Trail hike is a 17 mile Ultimate Fitness Hike with a total Elevation Gain of 6,300 feet (up) and greater than 2,900 feet (down direction). Hikes over 4,000 feet Elevation Gain are classified as Ultimate Fitness Hikes. Current Ultimate Hikes include the Baxter Creek Trail ( GSMNP) and the Black Mountain Crest Trail (Bowen's Creek to Mt. Mitchel) to be scheduled in the future when weather permits.