Hidden Audubon Canyon & Bolinas Lagoon Nature Trek !

Koma Bold) @komanahoatombold

Starbucks - Larkspur, CA
1801 Larkspur Landing Cir

Sat, Jun 29, 2019 at 4:30 PM - 12:40 AM

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The Foundation has reduced access to this area quite a bit. I guess they are trying to leave less of a human footprint, etc? This location sits high above Bolinas Lagoon North of the Stinson beach area. The wildlife viewing from here is great ! There are spotting scopes strategically placed high overlooking the nesting trees. Our hike will take us far & higher above this area. A very beautiful sanctuary. we will encounter the Giant's swing, , redwoods, creek crossings, the hidden bird observation house, breath taking ocean & lagoon & Tidal views, hidden wildlife cameras will take photos of wild animals in the natural state. *** Like the Mom Bobcat with her 2 young ones as she is bringing home a huge snake for dinner. Plus much more to see. The photo book area is hidden on an off main trail location. There are many hidden cameras mounted at strategic locations where the wildlife frequents. I have seen their videos of Bears, Mountain Lions, Bobcats, a badger, & many more . It's amazing . Many unusual trees & giant & unique mushroom growths & more. Few know of this hidden gem. We must leave the area by 4:00 pm as they will close. Our usual dinner option will follow nearby. **NOTE> I have added a new trail which will increase the hike distance to about 5 miles. We will do both sides of the canyons. This hike is rated as moderate with some gradual uphill at the start. ** The usual goodies I will have for all: water, juice, tea, lattes, energy & protein drinks, snacks, gourmet fruit & Nut packs, 20 varieties of trail bars, Vino, hiking poles, car shuttles, parking fees paid, donations, Special Fun, bad jokes, & other stuff to share. *BRING A LUNCH *** New this year are the delicious (Non Alcoholic) Wine Country Sodas from grapes. Donation : $ or chk. $22.00 & A 25 % plus; Donation will also be given to the Foundation. (I'll explain this in better detail later.) I also send semi annual donations. NOTE: If you use Paypal (You must use the friends & family option only) . Or an additional charge will apply. UGH!!! Or use chase.com/zelle (Easy) Use my em or ph. # **We meet at Starbucks & will shuttle from there be fore 9:45 am am. I will have maps for shuttle drivers. Or for those who wish to meet us there & not meet at Starbucks, you may contact me. ** This is one beautiful place to experience !!! Also it;s better to RSVP on a desktop computer & print up the info for reference along with your mobile phone app.(If not, you may miss important info.) Contact: Indie Tom: boldbackroads@gmail.com 925-787-3041