Gothic architecture around Notre Dame (in English)

ivan denat @ivandenat

1 Quai de la Corse - Paris
1 Quai de la Corse

Thu, Jul 4, 2019 at 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

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We'll first introduce the Sainte Chapelle from outside, as a perfect example of Gothic refinement on the island. Built in just 6 years within the king's palace, it used to house the most precious relics of the Christian world: the Crown of Thorns of Jesus Christ. We'll then head for Notre Dame Cathedral and will introduce its long history and origin with the sumptuous 13th century facade and famous portals. The interior visit will be the occasion to understand the powerful role of the church throughout history and Parisians, but also admire the magnificent roses and many other elements among the naves, chapels and furniture. After a stroll into the side streets, unfolding more houses and hidden jewels from the Gothic period, we'll head for two other churches close by, both of them showing different features as well as evolution in Gothic architecture. The tour will end in one of the oldest neighborhoods of Paris, the Latin Quarter, where narrow winding streets and old houses mix with odd anecdotes as well as lively restaurants and tourist stores. Tour organized with Airbnb (Not listed on this event)