Free Beach Workout with EASY Parking :)

Dustin Conrad @dustinconrad

TEXT OR EMAIL for VIP parking: 209*245*BAND or info@BandsAndBody.com - santa monica, CA

Mon, Apr 22, 2019 at 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM

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​Imagine starting or finishing finish a long day with the destressing elements of exercise & the beach + other rad people by your side... oh and dolphins! I mean, we live in Cali, might as well :) This workout is all about community and BANDING together. It won't be one that you just show up to and do your thing and then leave. No, we encourage interaction, jokes, and sharing; Before, During, and After Class. We also do monthly outings and workshops, like bowling and hiking... and nutrition and stretching workshops. Some come Join us *We implement multiple instructors: One to choreograph the routine and one perfecting the form and feeling of specific muscles being worked so that you get the absolute most out of each and every workout. We offer a Free Sunrise, Sunset, & Mid-Day HILI Workout(High-Intensity/Low-Impact.. ie; Means No Jumping, but you will be breathless and sore) to anyone who wants to be apart of our mission to change the world through health and education. But the class is specifically designed for you if.... *You want to get fit without destroying your body in the process *You prefer workouts that work with your body VS "against" it with unsafe movements and joint compressing weights *You like smooth movements as opposed to jarring ones *You enjoy music synchronized workouts that are fun and different *You don't hate looking at the ocean AND if you're tired of TRYING to get fit and ready for an actual plan, let's do it!