Franglais Chill out night and potluck dinner

Beverley Holt @beverleyholt

Lipman Residence - Nice
5,Rue des ponchettes

Thu, Jun 20, 2019 at 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

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All welcome for a chill-out evening. French and English speakers welcome. Version française ci-dessous. cost: €10 Join Beverley Holt, Founder of Riviera Reiki, former students and other Reiki practitioners. Please bring an open mind. You will also receive a guided meditation and learn how to feel "energy". Give and receive a healing. No experience necessary for either. We will have lots of practice time. When:Thursday 20th, June: 7-9.30pm. Lippman Residence, 5,Rue des Ponchettes, Nice. 06300. 2nd floor. Please rsvp: contact@holisticinfo.directory Tel: Beverley: 06 47 74 04 03 Please bring a plate of food to share for the pot-luck dinner. Cost: €10 Our intention is to get to know one another, support each other and re-build our community with LOVE. Who will benefit from these nights? Everyone, especially those who have suffered trauma, stress, anxiety, depression and poor health. Also, people who are well and choose to stay well. People who are just curious and would like to receive a healing. Please feel free to spread the word. Reiki is a Japanese word for Universal Life Force Energy-the energy of unconditional love. It is an ancient "hands-on" healing art which has been around since the beginning of time. It is safe and never causes harm. The only side-effect is improved health and happiness. You sit in a chair, fully clothed, or lie on a Reiki table. The Reiki practitioner will place their hands on or just above your body. As the energy passes through, it could affect any of your 5 senses. You may feel heat, cold, tingling, visualise something, hear something or smell or taste something. Or you may just feel that nothing has happened and that's ok.The healing takes place regardless. Many people say that they don't care how it works. They are happy to feel better. It helps to calm and relax the mind and promote self-healing. Bienvenue à tous pour une soirée de détente afin de définir vos intentions pour 2019. Les francophones et les anglophones sont les bienvenus. Rejoignez Beverley Holt, fondatrice de Riviera Reiki, anciens étudiants et autres praticiens du Reiki. S'il vous plaît apporter un esprit ouvert. Vous recevrez également une méditation guidée et apprendrez à ressentir de "l'énergie". Donner et recevoir une guérison. Aucune expérience nécessaire pour soit Quand: jeudi 20 juin : de 19h à 21h30. Résidence Lippman, 5, rue des Ponchettes, Nice. 06300. 2e étage. S'il vous plaît rsvp: contact@holisticinfo.directory Tel: Beverley: 06 47 74 04 03 S'il vous plaît apporter une assiette de nourriture à partager pour le dîner pot-chance. Notre intention est de faire connaissance, de nous soutenir mutuellement et de reconstruire notre communauté avec amour. Qui va bénéficier de ces nuits? Tout le monde, en particulier ceux qui ont subi un traumatisme, le stress, l'anxiété, la dépression et une mauvaise santé. Aussi les gens qui vont bien et choisissent de rester bien. Les gens qui sont simplement curieux et aimeraient recevoir une guérison.