Eco Terrorism - Interactive Public Speaking Session

The Club @the21club

Spring House - Gurgaon

Sun, Jul 21, 2019 at 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM

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It's one of the best Public Speaking clubs of the city where "expression" turns into "impression". All those people who prefer self-learning approach and like to improve their communication skills, language proficiency, overcome public speaking fear and being creative with and through other people shall join this Club. There is no bar to age, language, sex, caste or background. As we understand and stand to discuss interactive topics as equals here. The one who joins, will see a world full of opportunities and strive to make a better place from it. Our topic of discussion is "Eco Terrorism" We will discuss how ecology is terrorised by continous human intervention and the taurmentation has reached to that level that after endangered species of animals, it would be human which can extinct soon. Yet there must be silverning left for us to identify before its too late. Your views & suggestions will be heard and greeted. *Basic Charges of INR 100 Applied* Pay via below link :- http://m.p-y.tm/requestPayment?recipient=9711767236&amount=100&comment=The2isto1Club Or PayTM @ 9711767236 and, Watsapp for more details at 9711767236