Easter Evening Eagle’s Nest Hike at Stony Creek Nature Center!


Stony Creek Metropark Nature Ctr - Shelby Twp, MI
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Sun, Apr 21, 2019 at 9:15 PM - 12:45 AM

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Event Rating: Moderate! We'll hike/explore the trails at Stony Creek Nature Center for about 3 hours at a moderate/moderately fast pace. We'll stop and check out the eagle's nest with binoculars(bring 'em if you have 'em) to see if there's any activity. The photo(taken last spring by Steven) in this event description is from one of last year's hikes. No guarantees, but we did see the nest and both eagles in the previous hike this year! Total distance will depend on pace, conditions, how long we stop and check out the eagles, etc. I expect it will be about 6-7 miles or so. The trails are mostly level with minor hills. This hike is easier than most of my hikes. April Showers Bring May Flowers... along with mud, wet/slippery terrain and possible standing water over the route. Proper footwear(such as waterproof boots) are highly recommended! Hiking poles can be helpful in these types of conditions(but not required). Check the forecast and dress for the weather! Layers recommended! . You should bring water! You may also want to bring a light snack. We will make occasional BRIEF stops. The usual disclaimers: Although the hike should complete before dark, you may want to bring a headlamp or flashlight... just in case! We will be hiking on uneven, loose, possibly wet and slippery terrain - with rocks and tree roots. Mud and standing water may be encountered. It may be necessary to duck under and/or climb over a few fallen trees. We may go off-trail a few times. Expect mud - Proper Footwear is advised! Note: The Nature Center building closes at 5pm. Also, some of the Nature Center Trails are located close to a gun range. Gunshots may be heard during the hike. **** Meeting Location Details **** We'll meet in the parking lot of the Stony Creek Metropark Nature Center. The GPS coordinates are: 42.760385, -83.072897 Stony Creek Metropark Map: http://www.metroparks.com/Multimedia/www.metroparks.com/Files/Maps/stony-creek_park.pdf Once in the park and past the toll booths, go counter-clockwise around the lake and look for the Nature Center Sign. The Nature Center Road is just after crossing the park North Dam. Turn right onto the Nature Center Road. The Nature Center Parking Lot is at the end of the road(about a mile). A Metroparks Sticker or Daily Pass is required for vehicle entry! This event may be canceled /modified due to lack of interest, weather and/or trail conditions at the time of the event. Check this website for updates before leaving!