Early Bird Ibiza. Singles Parkside Tavern/Terrace LGBT welcome


Parkside Tavern - Leeds
Merrion Street, Leeds City Centre, LS2 8JE

Fri, Jul 12, 2019 at 7:15 PM - 11:15 PM

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..We are going to do a ibiza themed party with an ice breaker game to encourage mingling.We have our own DJ Private Room and Terrace. There will be a charge of £5-£10 for the social which covers the admin/ meetup fee and ice-breaker costs. LGBT welcome. PayPal details will follow. The serious bit! SocialLifeUK want everyone to have an enjoyable social and we aim to choose the best venues and locations. Attending our socials is at your own discretion and we advise that you read the social description/ meeting location/ time of the social meetup/ updated meetup comments and familiarise yourself with the host and the guest list. We are NOT responsible for the Member's journey to the social, the Member finding the venue, any purchases made by the Member e.g. food, drinks, tickets. We do not tolerate racist, sexist, lewd, aggressive or bullying behaviour and if this happens we will remove you from the group. Any comments published that are discourteous to others will be deleted. We are NOT responsible for clashes of personality or differences of opinion and if this happens at the social we advise you to walk away and converse with someone else. A clear profile photo is required so others know who they are meeting. If there is no photo then the member will be removed.