Dinner, Music & Dance in Bloomington

Scott Harrison @scottharrison

Everett McClay VFW Post 1296 - Bloomington, MN
311 W 84th St

Fri, Aug 16, 2019 at 11:00 PM - 4:00 AM

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Special note: PLEASE do NOT RSVP "NO" to this (or ANY PAP.Fun) event, UNLESS you have previously RSVP'd "YES" to this event. Doing so may result in you being booted out of this group. The band R-Factor (includes some ex-Ruperts entertainers!) will be performing! There's NO Cover Charge. I will arrive by or before 6:00 P.M., you should too to get a table, have time for a leisurely early dinner and to socialize a bit BEFORE the music starts. See you there at the Everett McClay VFW Post 1296 in Bloomington (The Public ALWAYS Welcome!). See me, Scott Harrison, your host for a name tag. We want to get to know you! p.s.- Please RETURN to this post just PRIOR to the event, for updates including a final "we're a go". A lack of interest or poor weather could result in this event being postponed or cancelled. Scott Harrison, Organizer & Host, PeopleAndPlaces.Fun Email me: Call or Text me: 952-212-1919