Dancing FreeForm Style!


Northgate Community Center - Seattle, WA
10510 Fifth Avenue NE

Sat, Jul 27, 2019 at 5:15 PM - 7:00 PM

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All ages are welcome to come to FreeForm Dance Dance. You do not need any dance experience. The purpose of this dance is to feel, be and dance the way you want to with no steps, no instruction, no choreography. As you dance more often, your movement becomes freer, more and more varied, carefree and easy. We provide a huge variety of music every single time we hold a dance. There is something for everyone, from many eras, many types of music, many countries all over the world. We begin softly with slower beats, build to a crescendo in the middle, and then slow down again to a quieter pace at the end. We include pop music from every decade and era, Broadway and swing music, Bollywood, Zydeco, Cajun, North, South, West and East Africa, Brazil, Turkey, Russia, Bellydance, Bhangra, and also rock, funk, hip-hop and awesome all-time dance music. There is no talking at dance, but shouts and laughter often happen! You may dance alone the entire dance, or dance with partners if you like. You can stop and start dancing with people during any song or segment, there are no rules. You can use the yoga mats or blocks provided, or lie still. The length of the dance is 75 minutes of music. We begin in a brief welcome circle, but if you come a little late, you are still entirely welcome to join right in. At the end of our dance together, we gather in a short 10 minute circle and everyone shares an appreciation for what they experienced in their dance. People also bring poems, a song, or a quote to share. Grace will probably share from the Tao Te Ching. The fee for our dance is $15-$10 sliding scale. Our studio rent was raised (2019), so we keep it as low as possible to basically break even overall--we love to dance and share this experience with you all. We buy music, occasional supplies like tape and yoga mats, and equipment....and we appreciate your presence in this joyful co-creation! Children 12 and under also welcome (sliding scale $15-$5). Go into your day with the sparkle of dance around you. Magic things will happen.