Dance Church at JaiStar Studios

Star Triana @startriana

JaiStar Studios - Lake Worth, FL
1205 Lucerne Ave

Sun, May 26, 2019 at 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM

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DANCE CHURCH Sunday Ecstatic Dance at JaiStar Studios 11am to 12:30pm Every Sunday Morning, Lake Worth FL. Arrive and Enter The Sacred Space. Take a deep breath and visit our altars. Draw Oracle Cards & Receive Messages. Embody what is sacred for you in a moving meditation and free-form dance. Inspire your movement with conscious breathing as you bring your awareness from your mind down into your body. Connect with yourself more deeply and let your psyche unwind as you feel the benefits of heartfelt embodied movement and world-beat sounds. Our Musical is filled with beats and rhythms that will take you on a journey from an inward meditative space to slow flow circular movements as you warm up to tribal beats that get your feet moving as you begin to dance through the room, feeling the freedom of self expression. As the movement journey winds down, you will naturally enter meditative blissful states. Take a yoga mat, floor cushion or comfortable seat as you move towared stillness to enjoy our Live Music Meditation. DJ/FACILITATOR Star Triana Live Music Jaime Triana ENTRY: $10-20 OUR SACRED WEBSITE