IRL Community Guidelines

    Our mission and your safety

    IRL’s mission is to help you do more of what you love to do with the people you love - whether in person or remotely.

    While we want you to connect with other persons, be inspired and enjoy IRL, safety comes first. That is why we have created policies on what is, and what isn’t, acceptable to conduct on IRL.

    Each time you access or use IRL, you agree to be bound by our Community Guidelines and any additional Terms of Service that apply to you. If you do not agree to be bound by these guidelines, please stop using IRL.

    If you believe another person has violated our Community Guidelines or other policy please contact us at We will review the matter and determine if there has been a violation.

    Act the way you would want others to act toward you

    There is no need to overthink our Community Guidelines. If you would find an event, posting, photo, comment or other content by another person offensive, exploitative or dangerous, don’t share the same content yourself.

    Here are examples of what’s prohibited on IRL:

    No adult content or pornography

    IRL is not for sexually explicit content or pornography. We do not allow the depiction of genitals, breasts or buttocks (clothed or unclothed) for the suggestion of pornographic intent. We prohibit content that depicts or vividly describes sexual acts, genitals or fetishes for the purpose of sexual gratification. Nor do we permit postings for escort services or content that sexualizes minors.

    No exploitation, promoting violence or self-harm

    IRL is not for the exploitation of people, children or adults, and animals. Exploitation includes non-consensual or demeaning images, human trafficking, elder or child abuse, or trading in endangered wildlife or wildlife products. We also do not permit the posting of content that incites or promotes violence, glorifies violence, is intended to be shocking and sensational, promotes self-harm or encouages suicide, eating disorders, substance abuse or harmful behavior.

    No hate or racism

    IRL is a place to create connections, share ideas and enjoy yourself. We value tolerance and diversity. We also value free expression, but not at the expense of common decency. We will remove content, and may terminate the accounts of the users that post content which is hateful toward persons or groups on the basis of their race, color, ethnic origin, immigration status, nationality, religion, gender, sexual orientation or gender identity, caste or socio-economic status, medical condition and abilities, weight, size, pregnancy, verteran status or other core characteristics.

    Such prohibited content includes slurs or negative stereotypes based on one’s status in a protected group; support for racism, white supremacy, hate groups, prejudice and conspiracy theories; advocating for discrimination or condoning violence toward a protected group; promoting hate-based conspiracy theories and misinformation, like Holocaust denial; targeting individuals for ridicule because of their gender identity or sexual orientation; and attacks on deeply held beliefs, sacred symbols, movements, or institutions of the protected or vulnerable groups.

    No harassment, bullying or threats

    IRL is not a place to maliciously attack, harass, threaten, intimidate or bully others. We will remove content, and may terminate the accounts of the users that post content, which is intended to threaten, harass, degrade or shame another person, involves name-calling, profanity and other insulting language or imagery, or mocks a tragedy or person experiencing grief or loss. Likewise, we will not permit stalking or predatory behaviour or revealing the private or sensitive personal information of another person.

    No deliberate misinformation

    IRL does not allow the posting of content intended to mislead or deceive other persons, such as financial frauds, ponzi schemes, conspiracy theories, and efforts to discourage voting or violate election laws. We will delete manipulated content intended to cause confusion, harm or incite violence.

    No violent groups

    IRL is not a place for violent content or groups or individuals engaged in violence. We will remove content and accounts that are associated with or support persons and groups that advocate violence against others including terrorist organizations, extremists, gangs and criminal organizations.

    No false impersonation

    When you sign up for IRL you must provide us your real name. Accounts that are established to impersonate another individual or business or created en mass by one person or entity may be removed. If you are a fan of a public figure or brand, make it clear through your username or IRL profile that you aren’t officially affiliated with them.

    No spam

    Spam is out on IRL. Do not post large amounts of untargeted, unwanted or repetitive content, including comments and private messages.

    No promoting of unlawful activities

    You can not use IRL to sell goods that you do not have a license to sell. For example, promoting the private, unlicensed sale of alcohol, tobacco, drugs (legal or illegal) and weapons is prohibited.

    Misconduct outside of IRL

    The safety of the amazing IRL community always comes first. If an IRL user engages in violence or has harassed or harmed other persons, regardless of whether the person used IRL in the commision of such violence or harm, we will terminate that person’s account.