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MOGOSTEM HackerSpace - shanghai
227 2nd floor, No.1418 Xinzha Road, jing'an

Thu, Jun 20, 2019 at 1:00 AM - 9:00 AM

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MOGOSTEM is using PBL project-based self-directed learning method. Based on the universal Internet of Things technology in the future, it learns the design, engineering, and communication of children from various aspects of creative themes, scientific engineering, and programming robotics. Ability, logical thinking ability, and ability to study independently. MOGOSTEM is an entrance to IoT programming. Research in the United States shows that parents attach importance to children’s STEM education and can improve their child’s college entrance examination score by 30%. MOGOSTEM's educational philosophy based on the Internet of Things not just only help students learn programming, robotics, and artificial intelligence, but more important, the kids can improve their ability to think logically and solve any kind of problems. Future is belongs to the Smart World Internet of Things We are about to enter the era of smart things, Everything related to the Internet is an Internet of Things element. This includes not only the basics of programming, robotics, and engineering. The wave of intelligence in the Internet of Things,What kind of ability can we not be eliminated? creativity! MOGOSTEM 12 creative themes for the year (space, finance, drama, artistic design, masterpiece, celebrity biography) Combined with MOGOSTEM internal products, Give your child a unique learning space. MOGOSTEM internal assessment certification standards 60% -------------- 25% Project Performance/Function 25% innovation 20% expression 20% teamwork Comparison of 15% plan and final work 5% composite score ----------------- +40% Team PK Battle Result MOGOSTEM Summer Thematic Membership Recruitment (July 15th - August 30th, Shanghai) Many DIY product items are free to choose (Some topics: smart home, unmanned concept electronic car, electronic module, robot construction, 3D printing, etc.) Would be confirmed on the opening day 8 years old and above 20 people limit Content and process: (Project based team work) Prototype design from scratch material selection Basic programming Play it Upgrade Product Technology Performance & Reengineering Share good ideas with others An robot theme battle every month price: Member price 3088 yuan for Whole Summer Parent-child package: Parents and children participate in the project to learn together Children 3088 yuan + 800 yuan for a parent The fee includes: Material fee Labor costs Site fees A total of 240 hours of summer workshop use Once every two weeks 2 hours course (Chinese & English) Biweekly topic activity A completed smart product. Once a month environmental protection robot team PK MOGOSTEM Guide Book. If you are interested in, pls add wechat: 13045688750 for inquiry and register.