Climb and Dine, High Point Downtown


High Point Climbing Gym - Chattanooga, TN
219 Broad St

Mon, May 27, 2019 at 10:00 PM - 12:00 AM

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Lets swap belays and hang out then do dinner at 8pm. If you're a High Point member the event is free, if you don't have a membership you'll need to buy a day pass. Many thanks to High Point for offering us group discounts! $13 (26% off) for a day pass. $18 (23% off) for a day pass and gear rental. If you've never been to this gym you'll need to fill out their waiver before you can climb. To belay during the event attendees are required to get belay certified by the gym and belay using a gym approved belay technique. Regardless all climbers should be aware of how their partner belays before climbing. Climbers let's welcome our beginners, remember how awesome your first mentor was? Now's your chance to be the mentor! Spend a little time and help a beginner during the event it can be a belay, some climbing tips, or just cheering them on. Beginners, wear something you can sweat in, move in, and is ok to look at from the bottom! Take off all your jewelry before you start climbing. Leave your valuables in the car or bring a lock you can put on a locker. If you're interested in learning to belay talk to me and I can schedule a belay class during our next event. Contact me if you have any questions!