Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


Segerstrom Center for the Arts - Costa Mesa, CA
600 Town Center Dr

Sat, Jun 8, 2019 at 2:15 AM - 5:15 AM

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(This event may be cross-posted in multiple meetup groups.) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Around 7:15 pm, meet near the box office by the KIA display car on the Ground Level. (This theater is brick color and not the glass building next to it.) Performance begins at 7:30 pm. “A BIG TREAT READY TO SATISFY ANY SWEET TOOTH LOOKING FOR A GOLDEN TICKET!” – Entertainment Weekly Roald Dahl's amazing tale is now Orange County’s golden ticket! It's the perfect recipe for a delectable treat: songs from the original film, including "Pure Imagination," "The Candy Man," and "I've Got a Golden Ticket," alongside a toe-tapping and ear-tickling new score from the songwriters of Hairspray. Willy Wonka is opening his marvelous and mysterious chocolate factory...to a lucky few. That includes Charlie Bucket, whose bland life is about to burst with color and confection beyond his wildest dreams. He and four other golden ticket winners will embark on a mesmerizing joyride through a world of pure imagination. Now's your chance to experience the wonders of Wonka like never before – get ready for Oompa-Loompas, incredible inventions, the great glass elevator, and more, more, more at this everlasting showstopper! Tickets: $25 per attendee. Loge Section. +1 or more okay. Limited number of seats. Please promptly send your payment as indicated below. Attendees who pay earlier may be assigned to better seats than those who pay later. Organizer reserves the right to increase the price at anytime to those who haven't paid and/or close RSVP to this event at anytime. Full refund may be available. Please read below. Attire: Business or casual wear but no beach wear. In order to complete your reservation, please promptly send a NET payment via Venmo to: mark-lee-81 or PayPal/Zelle/Quickpay to: phammer07@yahoo.com. Venmo, Zelle, Quickpay are free to use. PayPal is free to use if money is sent via "Family or Friend" option and payer uses either his/her Checking account or PayPal balance. If you pay any other way then PayPal will charge a fee. If so, you must either absorb or send additional funds to cover the PayPal fee. NO REFUND & NO ASSIGNMENT. These tickets are not transferable to any other person except to people who RSVP here. However if you cannot attend, please send me a PM and I will try to find a replacement attendee and issue to you a full refund. Please do not attempt to sell/transfer ticket(s) to non-member(s) or post ticket(s) on other meetup board(s) or any other place. Such transfers may not be honored. Organizer reserves the right to cancel any RSVP at anytime by issuing a full refund. You agree to not harm any attendee to this event and hold harmless any organizer, host or attendee in connection to this event except for acts not permitted by law. When you RSVP here, you agree to all of these terms.