CellStrat AI Lab - Coding Hours - Text Summarization, KNN Code Demo (BLR meetup)

Vivek Singhal @viveksinghal

WeWork - Bengaluru
Outer Ring Rd

Sat, Jun 29, 2019 at 5:00 AM - 11:30 AM

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MEETUP DESCRIPTION Welcome to the CellStrat AI Lab - where AI disruption happens ! CellStrat AI Lab is the one of the world's most advanced AI R&D groups and is working on the cutting-edge of AI, ML and DL innovation. We meet every Saturday at our Bengaluru office for AI Lab Coding Hours. Join us for world-class AI disruption ! FOR ANY QUESTIONS OR IF YOU NEED HELP REACHING THE LOCATION, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CALL AT OUR NUMBER :- +91-9742800566 (Contact No for CellStrat) AGENDA FOR 29th JUNE AI-LAB MEETUP 1) Abstractive Text Summarization with Deep Learning 2) K Nearest Neighbours - code demo 3) Image Segmentation with ESPNet AI LAB RESEARCH AREAS Some of the recent projects being worked on in the CellStrat AI Lab :- - Photo-realistic Style Transfer - Music GANs - Speech Recognition with MATLAB - Reinforcement Learning with OpenAI Gym - Adding comic features to pictures - DensePose - Image Segmentation using FCN and U-Net algorithms - Image-based visual search etc. - Object and Face Detection - Sentiment Analysis - Generative Modeling - YOLO v3 - and many more Research paper reviews :- - Augmented Random Search - Pose Estimation - GAN paper - Neural Style Transfer - Ordinary Differential Equations or ODE Solver - Pix2pix algorithm - Faster RCNN and Masked RCNN - and many more Bring your laptop loaded with Python and TensorFlow and lets produce some cool AI applications. Also review and publish world-class research papers in leading journals. PS : Those interested in learning about AI, ML, DL training and career options are welcome. Our ML / DL course details are available here : https://bit.ly/CSMLP (contact us at +91-9742800566 for more details) PREREQUISITES The CellStrat AI Lab Saturday meetups are conducted in Bengaluru, KA India. However membership to CellStrat AI Lab is open for global audience and remote members can attend the Saturday AI Lab meetups via Google Hangout. BENEFITS 1) Interact and code with top AI Data Scientists from around the world. 2) Work on cutting-edge application development in AI, ML and DL 3) Publish original research papers in leading journals like Arxiv.org and Springer Journal 4) Be part of the continuous learning and development on latest AI algorithms and research papers 5) Get access to AI consulting and training opportunities provided to CellStrat AI Lab members 6) Prepare for lucrative careers in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, the hottest career options of this decade. 7) Become a globally prominent AI expert with help of CellStrat Global Marketing Platform 8) Incubate your AI startup with help of CellStrat AI Lab ecosystem 9) Jobseekers - find lucrative AI and ML jobs via AI Lab community networking. Recruiters - hire high-end AI talent TARGET AUDIENCE - Professionals who work OR wish to work in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning - IT professionals or Students who are interested in AI and ML - Experienced professionals who would like to harness artificial intelligence and machine learning in their fields to drive business growth SESSION LEADER Vivek Singhal (AI Data Scientist, CellStrat) Li: https://www.linkedin.com/in/viveksinghal1 t: @vsinghalus PAST WEBINARS (YOUTUBE CHANNEL) https://bit.ly/2FLYwD5 CERTIFICATION PROGRAMS IN MACHINE LEARNING / DEEP LEARNING https://bit.ly/CSMLP