Capital Heights Social Ride


Ingleside United Methodist Church - Baton Rouge, LA
4264 Capital Heights Ave

Thu, Aug 1, 2019 at 12:00 AM - 2:00 AM

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Wednesdays, 7PM, Ingleside United Methodist Church. Who We Are: We're a bunch of regular folks. We like to ride bikes. We like to hang out and have a good time. We like to participate in our communities. We started the Capital Heights Social Ride to give us more opportunities to do those things (and more!) Why We Ride: We ride to have fun. We ride to meet our neighbors and to be a part of our community. We ride to socialize. We ride so we can spend money at local businesses. How We Ride: We ride slowly and safely. We stick to neighborhood streets, but sometimes we might cross or ride on a busier road if it's between us and our destination. We ride in a group, and we try not to get separated. Sometimes this means that when we roll through an intersection we'll 'cork' it so that the whole group can get through the intersection safely. We follow the road rules. We're courteous to other road users. What We Ride: We ride beach cruisers, BMX bikes, hybrids. mountain bikes, road bike, tandems, folding bikes, recumbents, trikes and everything in between. We ride anything that is human powered and has at least one wheel! Where We Ride: We ride wherever our path takes us. Our rides are usually ten miles or less. Our rides occasionally take as as far as Downtown, LSU, Southdowns and Broadmoor - and we have several experienced mechanics and safety instructors in our group to deal with any difficulties. When We Ride: We meet at the Ingleside United Methodist Church parking lot on Capital Heights at 7pm on Wednesdays and we roll NO LATER THAN 7:15pm. We'll usually return by 9pm. Join our Facebook page: