Santiago Garzon @santiagogarzon

La Espiguita Soccer Academy - Brentwood, NY
1795 Brentwood Rd

Mon, Jul 29, 2019 at 11:00 PM - 1:00 AM

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UPDATE: TODAY WILL BE THE LAST DAY OF THE 2HR SESSION FOR MONDAY AND TUESDAY. STARTING IN AUGUST, MONDAY AND TUESDAY WILL HAVE A 3 HOURS SESSION FOR 21 PLAYERS MAX FROM 7PM-10PM @$15/PLAYER. THANK YOU FOR PLAYING WITH US! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey Everyone! For all the new players looking for a place to play, WELCOME! This is our C level group, this is a group for all players that have the fundamentals of volleyball and understand the rules. If you are completely new to volleyball please check out our clinics hosted on weekends. GUESTS!!! PLEASE COMMENT YOUR GUESTS' NAME ON THE MEETUP WALL, WE WILL HOLD SPOTS WHEN AVAILABLE. Juniors interested in playing, please send an organizer a message. Our Academy is for Students ages 10-14 years old. Follow us on Social Media for pictures, videos, upcoming activities, and more! Facebook Instagram; "espiguitavolleyball" ---------------------Basic rules for Game-day-------------- Games go to 15, 21 or 25 points (rally scoring), depending on if there's a team switching in every match. -SIGN WAIVER - Lose a point if you touch the net, cross the line on a serve, "carry" the ball, or go under the net! -If the ball touches the ceiling and lands on your side it is still in play, if the ball hits the ceiling and lands on the opposing side, then it is out. -If you arrive late to the game, please wait until the current set is finished. Inserting players in the middle of the set disrupts the flow of the game, and it's not fair to players that arrived on time. - If you RSVP that you are going, please show up. Members will be suspended from RSVP-ing if they are repeat offenders. - This is a CO-ED adult Volleyball club for players that are 17 years or older.